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Naveena Denim Ltd. (NDL) x Muur NYC - Workshop and DIY Kit

Kingpins Show Indigo Museum Project. An artisan collaboration series featuring Naveena Denim Ltd. (NDL) x Muur NYC.

The project consists of DIY Kits and a Workshop where participants will create a tote bag using NDL Dyneema denim x Muur NYC leather by assembling the pieces themselves.


We’ll develop a denim tote bag with leather trims. The Naveena denim quality has the Dyneema fiber which makes it very strong. Our artisans will create the denim tote bags as well as the leather handles for it and a leather label. The customer who gets the DYI kit will be able to attach the leather handles themselves as well as placing the leather label wherever they like. The artisans will also create a small interior pocket made of our batik fabric that the customer can also attach to the bag themselves.
During the workshop we’ll show a video of the artisans making the bag and instructions on how the customer can finish the bag to their liking. I’ll be able to explain who the artisans are and what they do and Naveena can explain about their denim quality and the special features.

Workshop Date: January 15, 2022

Workshop Duration: Approx 60 minutes

Included in the DIY Kit:

Denim tote bag

Leather handles

Leather patch

Batik interior pocket

Thread (brown) to be used to attach the handles and patch

Thread (blue) to be used to attach the batik interior pocket

Cotton string bag and box that can hold the above items

Instruction sheet

Additional supplies you will need:

Tape measure, Pins, Needles, bigger and smaller size. One to be used for the leather, one to be used for the batik cotton fabric.

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