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Yamato Indigo

Yamato Indigo Wool Dye Kit

Limited 10 sets available. One kit allows you to dye up to 1kg or 2.2lb of wool in 10 liter vat.

The kit includes: 
Yamato Indigo: 30g
Wool Pre-Washing Paste: 20g
Impregnating Agent: 20ml 
Sodium Hydrosulfite: 30g
30% Vinegar: 100ml 
Wool Fixative: 30ml
A Pair of Latex Gloves
Instruction sheet

You will need:
1 or 2 Heat resistant containers (ie. stainless steel pot or bowl) 
1 or 2 Buckets
Electric Burner
Measuring cup 
Mixing stick

Instructions to dye up to 1kg or 2.2 lb of wool in 10 liter vat.  
Be sure to wear gloves. 

1. Pre-wash:  
Prepare hot water at 40 to 50 Celsius (104 to 122 Fahrenheit) and mix 20g of Pre-Washing Paste. Soak wool in the bath, wash it thoroughly. Next, rinse it with clean warm water. Ring out gently. 

2. Make Vat:
Pour 10 liter of water in a heat resistant container, add 30g of Yamato Indigo, 20ml of Impregnating Agent, 30g of Sodium Hydrosulfite, mix well and heat it up. 

3. Dye: 
Dip the wool in the dye liquid and gently move around for 10 minutes. Bring the temperature up to 55 degrees Celsius (131 in Fahrenheit) while dyeing. Make sure the wool is fully submerged in the dye liquid. No part should be exposed to the air. You find the wool turns a vivid green at this point. After 10 minutes, take the wool out of the vat, ring out gently. 

4. Rinse: 
Prepare warm water in a bucket. Soak the dyed wool in the bucket and rinse thoroughly for 3 to 5 mins. The color of wool should change from green to blue. 

5. After Treatment: 
Mix 100ml of 30% vinegar with 10 liter of warm water in a bucket. Soak the wool in the vinegar water for 5 mins. Then rinse it in warm water. 
Mix 30ml of Wool Fixative in 10 liter of water and heat it up to 50 Celsius (122 Fahrenheit). Soak the wool in the Fixative water for 5 mins. Ring it out (do not rinse the fixative) and dry the wool avoiding direct sunlight. 

For half size vat to dye up to 500g or 1.1lb of wool, use half of each of the ingredients. Always use warm water for rinsing to avoid cooling down the wool during the dyeing process.

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