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Book of Denim Volume Two

"In a conversation I had with a well-known gentleman in this industry, Andrew Olah (Kingpins), the scope for this book was born: 'The aim should be to make a book you want to keep for the rest of your life.' And that's what we set out to do.

Few experiences are more universal than the thirst for a good story – and a comfortable pair of jeans. Book of Denim, Volume 2 quenches both thirsts. This heavyweight 304-page chronicle offers an “in-depth snapshot” of the rapidly transforming denim domain.

What makes this release unique is how Book of Denim Vol 2 is neither heritage nor fashion-forward. It goes very much beyond. It’s not only an exploration of the industry but also of the art and personal stories that infuse this product with so much of its energy. The book serves to embody the philosophy that denim is woven into our cultural fabric – across generations and around the globe.

The book takes you on a journey from Italy to China to a small surfing town in Morocco, with countless stops in between – to tell stories about people who dedicate their lives to this most singular of fabrics. Or not… Some of the included subjects are not strictly speaking indigo-related – yet still ultimately belong in these pages. 

“The book needed these stories because they touch on the freedom that denim represents. Cultured irregularities only add to the fabric, instead of taking away from it.”

Peter van Rhoon (Editor-in-chief)

Driven by a boundless curiosity and spanning two years, Peter and his team documented a handpicked selection of people, brands and makers that have acted as catalysts for the chain reactions that together created the narrative in this book. This narrative represents denim in the way it deserves: authentic, rebellious, a way of life.

Book of Denim Vol 2 focuses specifically on ‘the world of denim’. Ranging from cultural developments predominantly in cities (trends) to manufacturing. Denim is a fabric, jeans are a product, but denim is also a cultural construct. In this sense it’s unique.

Release: September 2018

Publisher: Amsterdam Publishing Int.

Pages: 304

Size: 8.25" (width) x 10.75" (height)



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