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Eco-Sustainability in the Denim Industry: The Case of Levi's Eco Jeans

This study investigates the topic of Eco- sustainability in the Jeanswear sector. The objectives are (1) to focus on Sustainable Development and Green Marketing in the Denim industry, (2) substantiate all of the theory through the tangible case of Levi's(r) Eco Jeans and (3) rank the factors that consumers value while making jeans purchase decisions. The survey instruments consist of both a questionnaire and of a qualitative research. The data stemming from the questionnaire are analyzed using factor analysis and the most important criterion for jeans assessment turns out to be related to Practicality.

A structural model is developed in order to test whether the Eco- sustainability factor is influenced by some sociographical variables: the findings are thoroughly illustrated. Based on the evidence of the model, on the results obtained through the qualitative and quantitative research and on the observation of the market and of society, recommendations on "green" strategies for the companies active in the Denim industry, and in particular for Levi Strauss & CO., are provided. Finally, hypotheses for future research are also presented.


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