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The Sartorialist: Man: Inspiration Every Man Wants, Education Every Man Needs

The Sartorialist Man: Inspiration Every Man Wants, Education Every Man Needs, by renowned photographer, fashion editor, and social media sensation Scott Schuman, is the definitive fashion primer celebrating the diversity of today's well-dressed man. Schuman's dynamic street photography captures the essence of style as seen through lens of guys of all ages from around the globe. Setting the new standard, the book will be an invaluable resource for men as they explore and hone their unique personal style. What I didn't want this book to be was a list of rules. But I do outline principles that will help you make confident decisions about your many sartorial choices, says Schuman in the book's introduction.

The book begins with Dressing Your Body Type, because when you know what fits your unique body, the better you can pull off any look. In section one, Clothing, Schuman delves into wardrobe basics with Elements--an illustrated glossary of everything from jackets and pants, and collars and cuffs, to outerwear and underwear. Also sprinkled throughout are Style Strategies explaining how stylish gentlemen do what they do so well, and the Focus section is filled with tips on to how to talk to a tailor, view the runway, and discover inspiration from friends and colleagues.

The second part of the book tackles everything you need to know about accessories--whether to go socks or no socks, and how to tie a tie, choose the right glasses or sunglasses, and find the right shoe. Part three, Maintenance & Sustainability, is filled with illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to care for, mend, fold, store, and pack your clothes and footwear. Schuman even shares pointers on the how and why to invest in key pieces of your wardrobe, shop online or in person, or buy vintage or new.

Refreshing, contemporary, and inspiring, this striking menswear tome will come to define today's essence of style. The Sartorialist: Man is about enjoying the freedom to explore what looks great on you--and that, perhaps, is the ultimate chic.


1.1" H x 11.2" L x 8.7" W (3.95 lbs) 312 pages

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