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Hand Quilted Neck Wraps

This piece activates remnant fabric left over from our garment making process by hand quilting curved patches together. The embroidered stitches gently reflect the movement of ripples on water.

Kantha - hand stitching is part of the same functional embroidery genre that can be found throughout many cultures in the very familiar forms of : boro, sashiko and darning. Traditional Kantha features patches of worn textile mended together to extend the life of the fabric. 

The kantha Artisans that we work with are largely located in Kutch, Gujarat. The process of working with ladies to create Kantha panels of fabric which then get made into home textiles, garments and accessories - recenters remnant fabric and also integrates remotely located communities of women into both the domestic and international value chain. 

Historically quilt making has been a symbol of women’s expression and resourcefulness, arising in times and places where the shortages of cloth called for inventive salvaging of fabric remnants. Engaging kantha and patchwork as a design decision expresses a zero waste approach - making sure that each and every last piece of fabric is assigned value.

Patchwork expresses a transformational possibility offering us hope that we can turn a fractured present into something that can function again. 

The smallest snippets of fabric and thread left over after patchworking are pulped and pressed into handmade paper for our notebooks, hang tags and communication.

- Size : 41" X 5.5" / 104 x 14 cm.