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Cone Mills x MN Dye Studio - Workshop and DIY Kit

Due to popular demand we've adding a second workshop!

Orders placed on or after Dec 22nd will participate in Workshop #2 on Feb 26th.

This will make a great gift idea in time for Valentines Day!

Kingpins Show Indigo Museum Project. An artisan collaboration series featuring Cone Mills x MN Dye Studio.

The project consists of a DIY Kit and a Workshop where participants will do a hands-on application of lemon and iron using paint brushes on pre-dyed Cone Denim large tote bags, 22" x 20", using a range of plant dyes.


Interactive natural dye painting session on a 20X20 tote bag. I will discuss the natural dye process and dyes used on tote bag and how modifiers are used in natural dyeing to shift color. The modifiers we will use are iron - in powder form - that will be supplied in kit and a Lemon - the attendee will need to supply on their own. End result will be a tote bag that the attendee created their own color story design on by painting on the iron and lemon.

Workshop #1 Date: January 29, 2022

Workshop #1 Time: 1pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Workshop #2 Date: February 26th, 2022

Workshop #2 Time: 1pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Workshop Duration: Approx 45-60 minutes

Included in the DIY Kit:

Cone Denim 20" x 20" tote bag - dyed by MN dye studio

2 paint brushes

Iron packet

Instruction booklet

Additional supplies you will need:

Lemon and cup of warm water