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Japan Blue Indigo Dyeing Techniques: A Beginner's Guide to Shibori Tie-Dyeing

Piggy Tsujioka is a versatile crafter who has co-authored books on papercraft, leathercraft and more. She specializes in dyeing, design, illustration, and stenciling. Along with Yoko Ganaha, she is the driving force behind Pigpong, a creator of books on various crafts.

Hisako Rokkaku is an eco-weaver who specializes in working with scrap fabrics and creating looms from cardboard, plastic bottles, and other repurposed goods.
Seiwa is a Japanese manufacturer of dyes and leather crafting materials. Established in 1945, they have held classes in dyeing and leather craft since the 1950s.

This book presents a new spin on the beloved Japanese art of Shibori resist tie-dying using 100% natural indigo dyes and simple techniques that you can do at home.
Add artistic touches to everything you own--from a favorite linen shirt to a bamboo basket, a pair of old sneakers or pair of jeans. Clear instructions and photos explain how to do it. Tips on creating fantastic patterns and effects using easy folding and resist techniques will inspire you to dye lots of different items--from clothes to accessories and home goods.

In addition to creating beautiful tie-dye patterns you'll learn how to:

  • Prep the fabrics, mix the dyes, build the colors and preserve them
  • Work with cotton, linen, wool and other materials and fabrics
  • Create different effects using wax, stitching, tying and other resist techniques
  • Create unique patterns by sponging, dripping, rolling and silk screening

Add artistic touches to your favorite T-shirts, tote bags and curtains--even to wood and paper. With so many useful and creative techniques and ways to use them, Japan Blue Indigo Dyeing Techniques is a book you'll refer to again and again as you experiment with refashioning fabrics and more.

0.63" H x 9.92" L x 7.48" W (1.32 lbs) 176 pages


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