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    Marsau Botanicals

    Heavenly Bodies - Activated Charcoal Soap

    Handmade in small batches by soap maker Desiree Marsau, each soap is completely plant and earth based, all naturally colored using luxury ingredients. Each piece is a tiny art canvas - wonderfully unique and beautiful

    $14.00 Per Bar

    All Natural Fragrance: Ylang ylang essential oil

    Colorants: Activated charcoal.

    Base Oils: Babassu oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil & castor oil.

    Available in two options: Planets "Out" and Planets "In"

    Average weight per bar: Planets "Out": 4.2 oz., Planets "In": 3.7 oz.

    Planet embeds may contain: Many different types of oils, essential oils, and colorants. The planet embeds are hand rolled from the scraps of many different batches of soap.

    *If you have nut allergies it is best to avoid these bars as they may contain trace amounts of nut oils.

    When choosing which variant you want: Planets "In" are the beveled, fully squared off bars.  Planets "Out" are the bars in which the planets stick out of the top.

    ***Handmade soap contains no preservatives, therefore if not stored properly may not last as long as store bought soap.  To counteract this we recommend using a slatted soap dish or wire shower rack that allows air flow on all sides of your soap.  Storing it this way will add weeks of life!