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Naveena Denim Mills x Better Than Jam - Workshop and DIY Kit

Kingpins Show Indigo Museum Project. An artisan collaboration series featuring Naveena Denim Mills (NDM) x Better Than Jam.

The project consists of a DIY Kit and Workshop where participants will create their own block print designs using a kit that comes with all the supplies necessary. With these blocks, the design can be stamped on to fabrics using paints in various colors.


We will start with a bit of history about the process and introduction to the materials, but then get right into carving! Attendees will choose a simple shape to carve as this will take the most time if the design is too complicated. Our goal will be to repeat pattern print on your sample denim, but everyone will leave with the knowledge and supplies to continue after the instruction to print their jeans or tote bag provided by Neveena Mill. Along with your block, we’ll take about "found" pieces that you can find in your home. Small pieces of bubble wrap and cardboard can be used, rolled with ink, and pressed onto the fiber to create a background to your shape pattern.

Workshop Date: January 23, 2022

Workshop Duration: Approx 60-90 minutes

Included in the DIY Kit:

Naveena Denim "Self-Fit" Jeans (Free for first 25 participants only)

Naveena Denim "Self-Fit" Jeans or Tote Bag (Second 25 participants)

3 colors of 2.25 oz Textile Ink (Black, White, Blue)

Soft Material Carving Block 2.5" x 2.5" x 0.75"

Soft Rubber Brayer 4"

Linoleum Cutter Assortment #1 Boxed

Tracing Paper

Additional supplies you may need:

Pencil, drop cloth or table cloth, masking or painters tape, additional inks.

NOTE: Naveena Denim Mills Self-Fit jeans can confirm to fit two sizes up and down so choosing your true size is recommended. These jeans are available for Women and Men.

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