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The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook: Patterns, Projects and Inspirations (UK)

Dive into the mesmerizing world of this traditional Japanese stitching technique and create timeless art.

Discover the enchanting world of Sashiko. Explore the rich history, intricate patterns, and essential techniques to create this unique style.

This beautiful guidebook covers:

The fascinating origins and cultural significance of Sashiko, revealing its function for making clothes warmer and more durableStep-by-step guidelines to get started, from selecting materials to mastering the stitching.Over 100 traditional patterns, allowing you to become a true expert.Inspiring project ideas and an immersive gallery showcasing the beauty of the art form.

Delve into this book to create exquisite textiles for the home and enjoy the calming repetition of each delicate stitch. Embrace the therapeutic nature of Sashiko, and watch as your creations evoke the timeless beauty of traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

Susan Briscoe, an experienced Sashiko teacher, discovered the wonders of the approach during her visits to Japan. She learned from local experts, immersed herself in the craft, and shared her passion through exhibitions and teaching. Susan brings her unrivalled expertise and contagious enthusiasm to help you embark on your own Sashiko adventure.

Sashiko (pronounced shash-ko) means 'stab stitch' and refers to the small running stitch that is worked to build up distinctive decorative patterns, of which there are hundreds. The book begins by exploring the origins of the technique to strengthen clothes and to make them warmer. Getting Started describes everything you need to begin stitching, including sleecting suitable fabrics and threads, marking out patterns on the fabric, as well as the stitching technique itself. Ten project chapters show how easy it is to use sashiko patterns to make beautiful items for the home. The sashiko patterns are described in step-by-step detail in the pattern library, showing you exactly how to achieve each individual pattern with ease. Finally a gallery of work by contemporary Japanese extile artists provides extra inspiration.


0.3" H x 10.7" L x 8.3" W (1.1 lbs) 128 pages